YTV Gets Approval From CRTC For Two New Channels

But, Shouldn’t They Finish What They Started First?

Late last week, news broke that YTV had gotten approval from the CRTC for two new specialty channels, YTV Pow! and YTV OneWorld. YTV Pow! is all pow without the punch, focusing on non-violent action. The specialty channel will feature adventure shows, along with superheroes, and programs about various games associated with action series, along with current and past comic book trends. Game shows, amateur sports, and movies are also slated to make up 15% of the channel’s programming. Is anyone else here reminded of Space Channel or Sci-Fi Network reading that description? YTV OneWorld looks like a clone of the network as it stands now, aimed at children between the ages of 6-17 and their families. The network will include such genres as entertainment, humor, travel, games and science and technology, and will include a 15% cap on movies and on music/dance programs. Maybe these channels could do well in the specialty market, but we think Corus should finish work (or announce if they have given up) on channels they have already won approval for, including the anime channel. It’d be nice if that was done soon, since Canadians are already being deprived of anime. We’re refraining to use the word good in front of anime because there’s barely any anime on TV right now. We do have a small flicker of a light at the end of this very dark tunnel – earlier this week many news outlets reported that Death Note had made the move to another Corus Network – Scream!

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