Yoshihiro Togashi May 2008 Update!

Publication Schedule Slightly Shuffled

Hey fans – upon the request of a fan who left a comment yesterday wondering when Mr. Naoko Takeuchi was going to resume his epic manga Hunter X Hunter, we thought this would be a good short article to try to find an answer too. The good news is, fans got a treat in last week’s issue of Jump magazine – Yoshihiro gave readers two chapters of the Chimera Ant story arc (chapters 22 +23) and they ended on a cliffhanger. From some of the reviews we have read, the fans are saying that this batch of comics since his return last March represent some of his best work in the series! At the end of the chapter, he writes to his fans saying that because he gave them two chapters, there will be no manga this week, but the next week (May 12th)will be the final chapter in this arc. Fair enough, 10 weeks of new chapters is 10 weeks, and at the very least, Yoshihiro has promised the fans that they will get their last chapter. As of this writing, we are unsure when the manga will return after this arc is completed.

We also got to see a note he wrote to fans at the very end of his comics for this issue! It seems Yoshihiro is on a diet now which requires him to walk 10,000 steps a day! He speaks of his son, Junior (but no word on what his real name is just yet). No mention of Naoko in this one :(. Yoshihiro just turned 42, and from all of us at Moon Chase, Happy Birthday! We are providing you all with the translation:

Author Comment:

I bought a Pedometer! It is easier to walk 10,000 steps if you like being around kids!

Is this also part of the diet? When I play with my son, I can make between 5000-8000 steps. I find reaching 10,000 steps is fascinating! Togashi and Junior will be doing more activities outdoors very soon!

And 4/27 (Sunday) was my 42nd birthday! Congratulations!

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