Yoshihiro Togashi is #1 But…

He Never Had A Driver’s License?

Oh boy. More on this strange fact later – onto the good news! The manga is back! Just a few days ago it reappeared in Jump Magazine, and the 26th volume of the manga was released last Friday. According to sales charts, volume #26 was the top seller last week. We even read a few blogs from fans in Japan who were waiting in the lines to get their copy, and one of them even remarked that reading it was better than… oh wait, this blog is rated PG-13, we can’t use that word on the front page!

In his comments at the end of Jump, he said that it was inexcusable for him to keep fans waiting this long, and apologized. We can just imagine fan’s frustrations asking why he continues to pull these stunts after reading that… Yoshihiro also revealed he recently got his driver’s license and that now people might be able to identify him more. He is 42 and just got his license now?! Was Naoko driving him everywhere? This has only left us with more questions… perhaps it was because Yoshihiro was very busy that Naoko has been out of the manga scene for so long? He says that he wants everyone to drive , and that he has risen to the challenge of this manga, he will not give up. Brave words, Yoshihiro, but please, next time don’t plan your hiatus for so long!

For those of you fans in North America, we have learned that Viz will release a dvd boxset of season 1 of the HxH anime just in time for Christmas on December 9th. Every two months after that, Viz will release another boxset.

EDIT: We have a magic number for you! According to this article, Volume 26 sold 487,403 copies!

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  1. Nenena Says:

    To be fair, there are plenty of Tokyo-dwellers who never learn how to drive, because in Tokyo most people just plain don’t need a car.

  2. sailordees Says:

    I learned that yesterday hours after I posted this from one of our correspondents. He also told me that most people who get their licenses over there are in their 30s so it still strikes him as a little old – but I guess it depends on what the mass transit system is like where they live too.

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