Yoshihiro Togashi – Hunter x Hunter Manga Going Back On Hiatus

Grab your pitchforks and torches, HxH fans, it’s that time again. Yep, it’s ANOTHER hiatus/suspension/whatever for Hunter x Hunter. The 26th issue of this year’s Shounen Jump will be the last appearance for the Manga for some time. Some sites(see here, here, and here) are even speculating as long as 2 years. But don’t go throwing yourself off of a bridge just yet. We’ve got a heaping helping of Togashi quotes to help take the sting off a bit. Enjoy!

Issue 20:

I’m sorry jump readers, I forgot to think of a comment to write here. 

Well… at least he’s honest about it.

Issues 21 & 22:

Everyone thinks differently, but this week’s Inumaru Dashi was too funny for this hunter-hunter to pass. 

Inumaru Dashi is a gag comedy series (think Shin-Chan) that appears in Shonen Jump. It’s about a teacher that is having a hard time teaching her first class because of one of her students, Maru-Kun Inu. Sailordees described it to me as a “read-this-at-your-own-risk”-type of series. So, read at your own risk.

Issue 23:

I went to visit my son’s classroom.  I want to do it all over again from grade-school.  Does no elementary school accept an adult who wants to come back? 

An adult going back to elementary school? I’m pretty sure Adam Sandler made a movie about that back in 1995.

Issue 24:

I had a very happy birthday.  I tried my very best *but had some bad luck (bachi ga ataru) trying* to endure it.

* translator’s note:  in the second sentence he uses the phrase “bachi ga ataru”, which means either bad luck or bad karma, or to put it a little bit better, what comes around, goes around.  In this comment, it seems that poor Togashi probably got very tired when his party lasted a little longer than he wanted it to.   One of those things that isn’t translated very well in English, which is probably why this sentence seems  a little mangled between the *s.

Issue 25:

Because I have two children, it is hard for me to get anything accomplished in the morning and I have many long nights. 

Issue 26:

I’ll come back soon. Everyone, please take care. 

And thus ends the record for consecutive volumes before a hiatus by Togashi. Look on the bright side, though, at least it wasn’t a ‘goodbye and thanks for everything’.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I get that this guy is Naoko's husband but … how does this relate to Sailor Moon?

  2. sailordees Says:

    Once in a while he posts an interesting tidbit about Naoko, but other than that we're the only site that actually posts translations of his little anecdotes in English (which a lot of HxH readers do come here to read it).

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