Yoshihiro Togashi Draws Gon in Support of Tsunami Victims

Not too long ago, fans were concerned over the wellbeing of Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi, her husband Yoshihiro Togashi, and their family after the tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan. We were able to confirm that they were in fact safe. However, with the many after effects of the tragedy, there continues to be worry for all people affected. In the wake of the tragedy, many mangaka have drawn their most beloved characters to bring inspiration and courage to those affected, and Togashi has finally joined them. Yesterday, Jump posted a message accompanied by a new drawing to fans on their website. Drawn on March 23, it features a brave-looking Gon clad in turquoise with the following message:

Even if recovery is one day early, I will do my best to support.

*translation note: 微力 translates to “poor ability” and is used in contexts like “I will do my best despite my limited ability”. This translation is one of those ones adapted to a concept that English readers will understand.

Fans can click here to view the message, and here to download a wallpaper with the message on it.

Many fans in Japanese have responded rudely with comments like “Get back to work!” in reference to the off-and-on publishing schedule of Hunter X Hunter. This is a pretty insensitive time to be making those comments! While to some Togashi’s efforts are never enough to make anyone happy, we are happy to see his message of support for the victims. Weekly Shonen Jump, as well as other Kodansha magazines, are currently being published for free online as it is difficult to get copies to the areas affected. We were inspired to read this story of a Sendai shop owner who went through great lengths to get one copy of a new issue of Shonen Jump, and allowed over 100 children to come to his store and read it!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hope things get better and good luck to all in Japan.

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