Yet Another Sailor Sighting in an Anime!

In a Comedy Too!

Combat Butler Hayate Says:
“Don’t watch TV too close
or in a dark room!”

We first heard about this sighting from Kyaa the Catlord on Genvid’s forums . The sighting was found at the beginning of episode 3 of “Hayate no Gotoku” (Hayate the Combat Butler) , where the preceding episode was recapped. This Geneon produced series is based on the manga about an unfortunate teenager, Hayate Ayasaki whose irresponsible parents abandoned him to pay off their ¥ 150,000,000 debt. As fate would have it he meets a 13-year-old heiress, Nagi Sanzenin. He saves her life, and is hired by her to serve as her butler. This series is hilarious! There’s narration, breaking of the fourth wall, parodies of other anime, and some very creative censorship (to mock worldwide censors) in each episode!

In episode 2, Nagi got angry with Hayate and kicked him out of her mansion. Hayate was then surrounded and kidnapped by the very people who had lended his parents money but were never repaid. These debt collectors were about to put him on one of their ramshackle ships when Nagi appears with a mask as the super hero “Mask the Money!”. She pays off his debts and saves him.

And here’s the scene in question! EDIT: We will be providing screenshots very soon.

In episode three, things change and Hayate is now forced to spend the rest of his life working for her to pay off this gesture. We recommend this anime to fans looking to watch an anime comedy or looking for a good laugh to take their minds off things! The episodes are currently being fansubbed by several groups.

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  1. Senshi_chan Says:

    Hi! I know this is an old blog news, but before reading the new updates I began to watch that anime and saw the Sailor Moon parody. Boy am I slow!

    Well anyways, I took a screenshot of it, thinking to let genvid and you know about it. I guess I don’t need to anymore, lol.

    Here is the link:

    I also have a few different Sailor Moon parodies images too,if you would like them.

    I am lost forgot! There is another Sailor Moon parody in the same show where thehead Butler acts like Tuxedo Mask.

    Here is an image:

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