World Cosplay Summit Winners!

The fifth World Cosplay Summit took place this weekend in Tokyo, Japan and featured cosplay representatives from 12 different countries all over the world. We told you not too long ago that Shoko Nakagawa and Toru Furuya (Tuxedo Kamen) had been named guest commentators for this event. They showed up and cosplayed, but neither dressed up as characters from Sailor Moon. Toru Furuya dressed up as Ray Amuro, and Shoko Nakagawa wore a kimono (we’re not sure if she was dressed as any character in particular, at least on her blog she didn’t mention who she dressed as).

The winners were a surprise to Shoko, Team France won First Place! Cosplayers Isabelle Jeudy and Damian Ratte cosplayed as Myoubi and Tsugiri from the supernatural manga Alichino. Second place went to Death Note Cosplayers Naoki Shigure and Kikwan from Tokyo – they cosplayed as Light and Misa. The “Brother Prize” went to a team from Mexico, Alejandra and Linaloe who dressed as characters from Sailor Stars (*sheds a tear*) Eternal Sailor Moon, and Dark Sailor Galaxia. This was Mexico’s first year in the WCS and a major achievement! We think that it’s neat for Japan to hold such an event and that they should include cosplayers from the US and Canada next year – there are lots of anime cons here and talented cosplayers!

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