Will you be our 100,000th Visitor?

Watch the bottom of the page, Moonies! If you are our 100,000th visitor, and can send us a screenshot (email it to us at the bottom of the page), you will win a banner, and the chance to write up a guest post about Sailor Moon (anything you want , so long as it’s PG-13). Also, we’ll link you in one of our sidebars (which will be reorganized in the next few days). This is a huge milestone for a site that many in the beginning told us would never take off, and we are celebrating this! Thanks for all your support since March 2007, Moonies!

7 Responses to “Will you be our 100,000th Visitor?”

  1. esahC Says:

    Congrats to the winner, you lucky [insert cuss word here] you!

  2. Moon Chase Says:

    Seriously we don't know who it was :(. They never sent in a screenshot T_T.

  3. esahC Says:

    … >:)

    Well then, may I do the honors?

  4. Kungpow Says:

    What was your visitor count? We may have to start going by the closest visitor to 100,000 if the true 100,000th visitor doesn't come forward. (example, 100,005 or 99,997)

  5. sailordees Says:

    My stats tell me it was a regular from missasauga ontario. said visitor has already been on the site a few times today. I wish they would identify themselves!

  6. esahC Says:

    To answer Kingpow's question, I don't count, because I when I first noticed this post, I think I was around 100,300. Not the exact number, but I think I was around there. Shame too, I wanted to write stuff.

    Oh well, best of luck to you guys for finding a winner!

  7. esahC Says:

    Wait, hope this isn't annoying, but I posted the first comment here shortly after the 100,000 person, so taking another guess for myself, I'm was probably around 100,010 or earlier, but I assure you, I'm not the 100,000 person. Only luck would make me get that position…

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