Wii Call YesAsia’s Bluff

It’s December 20th, and we at Moon Chase agree that the Sailor Moon Game for the Nintendo Wii will not be coming out in 11 days as stated on YesAsia’s online store. We have spent the last few weeks scouring pages in both English and Japanese finding nothing. We also tried to contact various companies involved but did not hear back from them. YesAsia is still sending out emails that are saying almost exactly what they were saying back in March, that this is the date that it is likely to be released by their supplier. The only talk about it in Japan that we could find were on blogs that pointed back to English news stories posted here, on Genvid, and on Powet.TV. There isn’t even a mention anywhere on the official Sailor Moon Channel. The game could be in development, but unless we can hire some spies to wander around Namco’s development division in Japan, we have no way we can prove it since no one in Japan seems to be talking about it seriously. Just in case you missed it, there is no Sailor Moon Wii Game, and the cover you see pictured above is what happens when we can’t find a good enough image to use and have too much time on our hands ;).

EDIT: It appears that as of yesterday (December 21st, 2007) YesAsia has pulled the page from their listings. No amount of searching on the website for Sailor Moon and Wii can find it. We have saved an image of the listing from a cache.

3 Responses to “Wii Call YesAsia’s Bluff”

  1. Senshi Says:

    Its sad that we still have no news yet about the Sailor Moon Wii game. I really hope there will be one.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think there should be sailor moon games on every system(DS mostly) so a new generation should be exposed to Sailor Moon!

  3. aquabender Says:

    It's too bad they decided not to make it. 🙁

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