Where to Buy Sailor Moon DVD Collection

This post will be updated and linked in our top sidebar so that you readers will always know where you can find the new half season boxsets! Please make sure that you have a DVD player that is able to play Region 2 DVDs. We will try our hardest to show retailers that will ship to North America and other international countries, but as always, please check to make sure that your country can be shipped to by the site before you order!

HMV Japan:
*Will ship to North America, but shipping rates are much cheaper than Amazon Japan from what we have heard and are based on item weight. Price is a little cheaper than MSRP!*


*This is a popular choice among our staffers, and shipping is very reasonable. Also, when you buy two qualifying items you are eligible for a neat gashapon!*




Amazon Japan

*Probably easier to order from but shipping can be expensive to North America! Price is a little cheaper than MSRP!*


10 Responses to “Where to Buy Sailor Moon DVD Collection”

  1. ochibawolf Says:

    It's awesome that the first retailer listed sells them for a discounted price. The only sad part is they don't show what you're going to be charged in english. But I pre-ored two copies of the first volume for 20,160 yen(shipping included) Not bad considering they normally run higher. ^_^

  2. sailordees Says:

    Cool! When you get the bill, could you tell us how much shipping to you cost if you are in the US? We'd like to post it here for the fans to make it a little easier!

  3. ochibawolf Says:

    Shipping was pretty cheap, only 1200 yen =D Has anyone else ordered from them before?(the first one)

  4. sailordees Says:

    I've dealt more with YesAsia, however I use HMV a lot in Canada to order stuff from the UK. My only gripe with HMV was it takes forever for them to get stuff here – I ordered a limited edition Spice Girls boxset (don't hate me for this!) from England but it didn't get to me until almost a month had passed after it was released (despite a fully paid pre-order). The only issue I had with YesAsia once was I got lucky enough to get in on some Ayumi Hamasaki posters with her Guilty album. However, the posters never got here with the CDs! But they sent me new ones within two weeks. HMV Japan shouldn't be too bad, just don't get discouraged if it takes forever to come (though I don't think they are affiliated with HMV UK or Canada).

  5. Argo Says:

    I like CD Japan ,I always got my stuff on time. Unless they wer on back-order which sucked. But they are really good with the shipping.

    I am so going to order this.

  6. ochibawolf Says:

    Does anyone know when HMV charges for the pre-orders? It says on my order history that the delivery date is DEC.11th, but isn't that the day it comes out? I want to make sure I have enough money in my account when they charge me. I've tried contacting them twice about this, but I never get a reply. Hopefully one of you guys out there has ordered from them before…I'm worried!

  7. sailordees Says:

    I'm not sure – I only have experience with YesAsia which shipped things within 2 days of them coming out and my stuff got to me pretty fast! Anyone else know?

  8. ochibawolf Says:

    When you ordered from yesasia, when did they charge you for pre-orders?

  9. sailordees Says:

    YesAsia never charged me for pre-orders, their system (in my experience at least) worked a little differently. If the product was listed way before an official release date was announced, you never got charged for it. Instead, you could sign up to get an email when the status did change. When the product did have a release date, I never got charged any more than the sale price for it, and my credit card only got charged after the item was in stock and shipped out to me (or very close to that date). I personally like ordering from there because if you buy two free qualifying products you can get a neat gashapon for free!

    Aside from that, I have had HORRIBLE experiences with HMV here in Canada. Fans, don't laugh at the story I'm about to tell you.

    When the Spice Girls made their comeback years ago, there was a special boxset that was only available in the UK at the time that came with an extra remix CD, postcards, and a bracelet (I only cared about the first two extras). HMV Canada was the only place I could actually order this , and for some reason the online order wouldn't take. So, I had to print out the item sheet and take it to the store. It took the store cashiers a while, but after about 20 minutes of trying they succeeded to order it for me. I did not get the item until three and a half weeks after it had been released. YesAsia has usually gotten things to me within a week (ten days at most). So, I'm not entirely surprised HMV Japan is giving you troubles, but I didn't think they were part of the same company and only shared the name.

    Is there a number you can call for service?

  10. TheMisanthrope Says:

    Its safe to say there is no option for English subtitles right? 🙁

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