When American Bands (British Ones Too!) Appear on Japanese TV #6!

We’ve caught yet another sighting of an American/British singer appearing on Japanese TV! James Blunt, famous for that tearjerker song You’re Beautiful appeared on last week’s SMAP X SMAP for an interview and to perform the aforementioned song, as well as his most recent chart topper, 1973. Special thanks to The Me for his help in bringing these clips to our channel – and the performance alongside SMAP is worth watching!

In an effort to keep this page loading fast, we have reduced the amount of entries that shows up on the front page, and we’re only going to post the first video- and link the other two. Because very soon is coming our 20th Commercials Corner, and we have quite the bonanza planned if all goes well!

Here he is being interviewed by SMAP!

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Performance of You’re Beautiful.

Performance of 1973.

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