What you can do to help Moon Chase out with Operation Moonrise!

Hey everyone – we’ve had a lot of fans asking what they can do to help us with Operation Moonrise. So, we have completed a short list!

The first thing you can do is fill out the FUNImation Survey!

The second thing you can do is fill out our survey!

The third thing you can do is join our forums!

The fourth thing you can do is join us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

The last thing you can do? Spread the word! Get your friends involved! Tell them to do everything we just told you to! We can’t have a successful campaign unless we get lots of people involved – remember, we’re all in this together and we need to really show the companies involved that Sailor Moon is a great choice for a license!

And for all of you wondering, banners are finally on the way – for the site and for the campaign!

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