What the Heck Were They Thinking, Again?

We’re getting tired of people comparing Britney Spears to Sailor Moon. Okay, maybe she is starting to clean up and get her life back in order but please. Just because she makes an anime video does not mean that it’s just like Sailor Moon. Anime is so much more than our favorite blonde, odangoed, superhero. First we had to deal with Diane Middleton of the Jacksonville Times-Union, now we have to deal with MuchMusic’s Video on Trial. Video On Trial aims to take every music video ever made and subject it to the judgment of a jury of 5 or 6 people (mostly comedians). We’ve got a video of the review, and around 3:52 you will hear one of the jurors say “But seriously, I hope Sailor Moon is getting royalties.” Maybe with all these horrible references, she should be getting paid. For those of you who are wondering, that isn’t really Celine Dion in the video, but comedienne Laura Landauer.

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