What genre do you want the Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game to be?

If you remember some time back, it was revealed that Namco Bandai Europe was making a Sailor Moon video game for the Nintendo DS set to come out in Italy later this year. Unfortunately, with the supposed by-the-end-of-the-year release date rapidly approaching, neither screenshots, nor a trailer have surfaced. We don’t even know what type of game it is. It could very easily mean that the game is going to be delayed.

In the past, Sailor Moon video games have been RPGs(Another Story on the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo), beat-em-ups(the arcade game), and fighting(Sailor Moon S on the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo) games. With no one knowing anything about this new Sailor Moon video game beyond the fact that it exists, I thought it would be fun to pose the question to you, the readers.

What genre do you want the Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game to be?

One of the genres from the above paragraph? An action/adventure game? Maybe a kart racer? Sailor Moon: Xtreme Beach Volleyball? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think. In the mean time, I’ll keep an eye out for anything on the mystery game and report back when something turns up.

24 Responses to “What genre do you want the Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game to be?”

  1. ArgoCityCub Says:

    I would like it to be an RPG or a side scroll. With new or orig music.

    No Player Vs Player,This is Sailor Moon,Not Street Fighter.

  2. hilima Says:

    i would love to play a sailor moon role play game, like the pokemon game. with a real story and many challenges and many details in the game.

  3. Senshi Says:

    i would like to see a good rpg game!

  4. Brianna Says:

    You forgot to mention the puzzle games!

    And I'm hoping for adventure or another RPG!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I'm hoping for an RPG but a good racing game can be fairly interesting sometimes. If they were going to do a racing style game I'd say that to sell well they'll need to prove it is better than mario Kart.

  6. Sia_X_Joine Says:

    Definitely hoping for an RPG, either 3D (Like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) or side-scroller (Mario)

  7. SparklingBlue Says:

    I'd really want another RPG like Sailor Moon: Another Story–with a blend of old and new (they incorporated Queen Beryl's 4 Generals very well in Another Story, so I imagine this being set during the R season and they incorporate the 4 sisters somehow)

  8. Keely Valentine Says:

    omgg! WANT. rpg please.

    I posted about your blog on my blog

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I would it to be like the pokemin games in the sense you go through the general plot of the show but it's on your terms. If they could incorporate something like fable where things can become good or bad. Like darkmercury 🙂 or a ruined crystal Tokyo or the happy utopia

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I do NOT want an RPG. I want either a fighting or a sports game.

  11. Ellen Says:

    I would like an RPG as well. I like games that I play to have a story.

  12. Sarah Says:

    RPG game would be awesome, but you know a game that was like a Sailor Moon themed Mario Kart with specialized abilities, tracks etc. all based on the anime series would just make my day. I am seriously addicted to the various incarnations of Mario Kart as it is. I would buy a DS for that, no joke. 🙂

  13. gcntino Says:

    Hmm, although a nice RPG would be nice (with full cinematics a la Final Fantasy), I'm thinking it should be something different Adventure either 2d like Castlevania, or 3d like Metroid Other M. Oh, and the game should somewhat include the Sailor Starlights – they don't get enough time in the limelight.

  14. ArgoCityCub Says:

    Now I can see a mario Kart version of sailor moon,

    But no sports version of the game. I don't think i or anyone would want to see a sailor moon,boxing,baseball,football or soccer unless they are a perv.

    However I could see a Sailor Moon Ice Skateting game…or is that a little too much

  15. Calvin Says:

    If it's going to be on the Nintendo DS, clearly a Final Fantasy-esque RPG would not be the best fit. Who wants to play a text-heavy game, that requires an exorbitant number of hours, hunched over a three inch screen? Exactly. Personally, I think the game should be a mix of genres – but mostly a Platform game like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Brothers. In this way, there is a slight plot to follow, and a definite quest, but you get to spend most of your gameplay time solving puzzles and defeating enemies, not getting a history lesson about some fantasy world. Furthermore, the "story" should follow one of the manga/anime plots, thus capitalizing on the audience's relationship to pre-existing characters, not inventing new ones that fans won't necessarily be excited about. While I don't dissuade the eventual branching out into a brand new story line, while the global rebranding is still at the beginning, it makes the most sense to stick with plots/characters that we all know work.

  16. TheMisanthrope Says:

    I don't have a DS, I have a psp so this is depressing.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    i'd prefer an rpg, but i suppose it will be a cheap puzzle game. it's bandai europe…there won't be a big budget for a sailor moon game.

    could be also a port of an old game…

  18. DranzerX13 Says:

    I would want to see a DS remake of Sailor Moon: Another Story. That would be awesome. Either that or a one on one fighting game with all the senshi and villains.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I think it should be like a day in the life of sailor moon…. where every day you're a different sailor scout! (of course, it wouild have to have many levels) OH!! and it as to have some romance in it too, wiht tuxedo mask <333 😉

  20. Anonymous Says:

    It should be a game where you experience a day in the life of each sailor scout… of course with romance from tuxedo mask!!!

  21. Rin Burch Says:

    All of the toys being released are super-girly so I bet it will be some dumb dress-up / makeup game.

  22. Malva Says:

    I would love this game so much if it was an adventure game, kinda like Zelda, but with a typhical Sailor Moon polt intsead ~♥

  23. SailorCrafty Says:

    I did not like the fighting games, the puzzle and platform games were ok. I really loved the RPG, Another Story. My favorite part was being able to combine attacks between scouts and also do a group attack. The animations were cute and there were a ton of cool items to pick up throughout the game. It was sufficiently long enough to keep me satisfied. So fun!

  24. Reviews101 Says:

    Yeah RPG! With a special feature to maybe fight other players would be cool though too! But mainly RPG :))))

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