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Hey readers – in a week I should be finished getting my little gadget back together that searches for news on all of the stars for me all at once rather than me having to do it one at a time (x 3 for different news sources). Sorry it’s taking forever, if it makes any of you feel better I am still missing a lot of key software on my computer. I keep hoping I’ll have time one evening to reinstall it, but I never do… However, in an attempt to keep things as easy as possible to run, I’m having a little difficulty with the Sera Myu cast. Not all the actresses and actors involved with the production are currently pursuing acting careers, and some have more work than others. Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with the musicals as I am with the anime and PGSM and I have a hard time deciding which actors I should cover and which ones I shouldn’t. So, we’d love to hear from you. Which Sera Myu stars were your favorites? Who would you like us to keep tabs on? Feel free to comment on this thread or send us an email !

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  1. Emily Says:

    Have you tried Google Alerts to help you get some of the information you need? It might help for some of the more obscure actors.

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hi Emily –

    I search three news sites in Japan, there’s some overlap between them but occasionally one has a story the other ones don’t. The trouble is the cast list is gigantic. so when I plug them in , I have to find their name (or their current name in some cases) in Japanese, and paste it into each search , and then configure my extension to track the pages once a day. It gets tedious and though I wish I had the energy to track them all it’s a very big cast 🙁 – so I’m asking the fans who they want to see us cover in the hopes I can keep better track of things that interest the readers.

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