We’ve Surpassed Our Goal!

But It’s Not Over Yet!

Hey Moonies! This weekend we surpassed way over 750 surveys for Operation Moonrise Phase 4! But, we’re not done yet. As you can probably tell from some of the things we’ve had to post lately, we’re really busy behind the scenes and we probably aren’t going to be able to get any of this report started until the beginning of May. We have also learned, that Toei Animation Inc. of LA deals with the worldwide rights of all of their English-language properties. This means, anywhere that the English dub is going to air in the world, they have to work with this Los Angeles office. Which, is where we have been sending our report. Before, we were under the impression that Toei Animation Europe alone handled the UK.

We need a lot more responses, specifically from the following countries – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We fear that while the surveys are mostly showing an American response, that if Toei Animation does not see interest in these other countries that it may not look too favorable to bring the series back there. It isn’t so much a problem with Canada, but when you’re seeing responses in the double digits for Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, it doesn’t look too good (these countries are all making up for less than ten percent of responses and we are hoping we can have that rise a little). Canada is currently representing under 20% and we were hoping to see that get to at least 30% of responses (it made up 35% of the last two surveys). This isn’t meant to deter Americans from taking the survey if they haven’t yet already, but we really need to see more fan representation from the other countries! We feel for you all having to suffer through limited DVD releases (although you Aussies got to hold on to them for a little longer than the rest of us). This survey is just as important to these other countries for a potential re-release as it is to the US. We need to show everyone involved how much everywhere else that got the English-language dub cares about Sailor Moon! Please, if you are in any of these countries, let your friends know about the survey. Don’t be shy – everyone will remember Sailor Moon once you start talking about it!

The plan for the American responses is to specifically make charts for that part of the fandom with respect to the FUNImation channel and The Anime Network to give the companies a better picture of what the channel landscape is among the Sailor Moon fandom, since the other countries don’t have options for 24-hour a day broadcast specialty channels for anime. We have a good American sample size to work with already, but don’t let that stop you from voicing your opinion.

Thanks for your continued support Moonies – it really means a lot in what is probably going to be our last big survey for Sailor Moon. In the future, it will probably be all left up to the letter-writing campaigns unless another surprise comes our way.

4 Responses to “We’ve Surpassed Our Goal!”

  1. SailorMusic Says:

    They better not air it on FUNimation of Anime Channel! I can't get either of them! Cable is better because everyone can view it.

  2. Stéphane Dumas Says:

    I agree with SailorMusic about Anime Channel, I would wish then YTV bring back Sailor Moon in Canada. Although one other alternative is putting these episode online on sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, too bad then Canadians can't view videos located on Hulu yet.

  3. DecoraAi Says:

    I can't get the Anime Network or Funimations.

    I hope there can be another place where they show Sailor Moon..

  4. Chris Says:

    @SailorMusic, same here.

    As for here in the U.S., they should put Sailor Moon on either Cartoon Network (at 3:30PM Central Time, the best time I can watch it), or on My Network in syndication.

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