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Hey Moonies, I have a little time with my temporary solution to the laptop woes, so I’m going to draw your attention to this quickly! Recently, Canadian fans may have heard of CBC losing the rights to use the original Hockey Night in Canada theme song to CTV. The CBC still has a program to air, and has taken a novel approach to finding a new theme: let the fans create their own, and let everyone vote for their favorite! Michael Kulas is Katie Griffin’s (Sailor Mars #1) husband and has supported this site in the past. He is well-known in Toronto’s indie music scene for his work with the legendary band James, and also for his solo tunes. He also produced Katie’s first album in 2003, Kiss Me Chaos (it’s really good, every reader should check it out!). He has entered a few tunes in the contest, and it’s up to fans to rate them high so hopefully CBC will pick one of them as a finalist! The winner of the contest will receive $100,000 , and half of the royalties. The other half will go to supporting those aspiring hockey stars in the minor leagues! For those of our fans who have been following the Anthem Challenge, please consider Michael’s tunes! Here come the links!

Hockey Night Forever
Hockey Night Forever: The Score
Every Day is Hockey Night (30 seconds)
Every Day is Hockey Night (Full Version)
The Enforcer

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