Voice actor news – Tytania earns DVD release

Followers of the Sailor Moon voice actors will definitely want to take interest in a new release by Section 23 films called Tytania. Tytania is a space adventure/science fiction story that has been adapted into anime from a series of novels written by Yoshiki Tanaka. The story centers around a dominant empire in space called Valdana, which experiences a decline in power and defections within its ranks after a failed battle with a rebel force. For more information on the licensing of this series, please check: http://www.mania.com/tytania-shigofumi-sola-anime-licensed_article_122733.html

There are a couple of noteworthy appearances in Tytania by former Sailor Moon cast members. Keiko Han, who was involved with the voicing of Luna in both the Sailor Moon anime series and PGSM, is the main narrator in Tytania. There are also a couple of other minor voice roles in Sailor Moon that show up in Tytania. Hideyoki Umezu, who voiced the priest that turns into the boxer youma in episode 26, has a role in the series as Salaam Amzekahl. Tetsu Inada, who has a very minor role in episode 106, also has a role in Tytania as Doorman.

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