Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal to Stream on Hulu, Anime Expo Sailor Moon events

Viz Media is hard at work preparing us for a summer we won’t forget! They’ve released the Sailor Moon Crystal trailer with English subtitles on their official Youtube page, which included the notice that Neon Alley and Hulu will join the list of companies streaming Crystal alongside Crunchyroll and NicoNico. Check it out below!



They have also released their Anime Expo panel schedule, which includes a Moon filled Saturday! (Check out their Facebook posting for the full schedule of events.) Included in the list is a special panel showcasing the world premiere of the first two episodes of the new 90’s Sailor Moon dub! Attendees will also have a Sailor Moon Crystal screening to check out as well!

For more details on all of the fun filled Sailor Moon activities they have planned like their photo shoot and autograph panel, please see their detailed listing on their official website that Emily also mentioned on our Facebook page!

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