Video Problems

Hey readers, Veoh recently changed their video length cap from ten minutes down to only five. As a result, some of the videos may not work properly. We’re working to find a solution. Since Veoh has had problems off and on, we’re asking that if any of our readers know of a stable video hosting site other than YouTube, Veoh or Google Video, that they send us an email at

Thanks for your patience yet again.

EDIT: Sailordees here everyone – the commercials and clips will also be on a hiatus as we are currently working on making a backup of everything this weekend. We’ve heard reports of fans not being able to watch anything on Veoh without downloading the Veoh TV client. The interface is terrible and it doesn’t use bandwidth efficiently, and it has problems with loading some videos as well. We don’t recommend getting it at all. Apologies to all our fans, we had no idea Veoh was going to turn out this bad.

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