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Create Your Own Sailor Senshi in City of Heroes and City of Villains!

Longtime reader Senshi-Chan wrote in with this sighting – she just tried out the MMO City of Heroes and learned she could make Sailor Senshi! In this game, players create their own heroes and can team up with others to face foes and fight crime in Paragon City. So far she has made Sailor Chibi-Moon and Eternal Sailor Mercury. Players are also able to make a feline sidekick. In City of Villains, she also managed to make Queen Beryl. We have a few shots of her Sailor Chibi-Moon here too! If any of our other readers have managed to create other Sailor Moon characters in these games, we’d love to feature your shots!

Sailor Suit in The World Ends With You

During my very short Holiday vacation, I became reacquainted with my Nintendo DS – or more specifically, a game I put down a long time ago because I had gotten too busy: The World Ends With You. I picked up this game because a very long time ago we featured a Japanese commercial for it (I promise, this summer we will upload all the old ones again) and I thought it looked kinda neat. Lo and Behold, I wasn’t as behind as I thought I was, and ended up beating the game. I then got into the second part of the game where all the levels and a new bonus one had to be replayed, to earn certain rare items etc. One of these rare items, is a Sailor Suit that looked very suspiciously familiar to the ones we have seen in Sailor Moon! I thought I’d include this sighting just for kicks (P.S. if any of our readers know how the heck I can beat Anguis Cantus on Ultimate without killing myself, please let me know. Have Eden Deck, missing last Gatito Pin which this guy holds).

We also have a couple links to sites that you should all check out:

☽ T.M. Chiba’s is a compilation of almost every Sailor Moon site in existence. The AniPike hasn’t been updated in ages, so fans looking to find Sailor Moon sites about just about everything in the universe should check out SailorMoonLinks!

☽ A group of Canadian screenwriters in animation have finally started a blog – Canimation! It’s about time someone started a blog to talk about the rich history this country has in cartoons. Even though there isn’t a lot there, we hope to see some more in the future devoted to many cartoons that Canadians grew up with in the 70s and 80s. Many of these cartoons, helped to launch the careers of many of the VAs we follow on Moon Chase today!

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  1. V-V-rae Says:

    There are some really awesome fanmade sailor moon levels in little big planet too 🙂

  2. sailordees Says:

    I didn't know this (but then again I haven't played the online part of LBP). I'll have to check these out sometime!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Senshi-Chan is GS Sailor Tin Nyanko & Senshi_chan on Gaia Online! She keeps us updated with info from here!

  4. SenshiChan Says:

    Cool! Thanks for putting it up! It was fun making those characters.

    I don't know if anyone got the reference where Eternal Sailor Mercury is on top of a red car…

  5. Nick! Says:

    City of Heroes is where I came up with my screen name of Moon Jump. When the game launched it didn't have many costume options so I made a "Sailor Knight" character and people really seemed to dig it. But if you made a Sailor Senshi not only would you get made fun of, they would ban the character.

    But I did play a few times with a person that made a Sailor Saturn character. The funny thing was I asked her/him if people were nice and were fans of the show. She told me that people didn't even know there was a Sailor Saturn because they didn't see the show on Cartoon Network.

  6. Brit-chan Says:

    Oh I made a Sailor Moon looking character in Champions. Too bad I had to quit playing the game, t'was fun and my character was awesome! She had wings! 🙂

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