VA Updates for October 2007!

Naz Edwards Appears in The Clean House!

Naz Edwards (Queen Beryl) has been quite busy in the theater circuit of Ann Arbor, Michigan these days. She currently plays the riveting role of Ana , a 60 year old woman who is stricken by cancer in The Clean House. It’s a play about a dirty house which is meticulously cleaned. This represents more than just disorganization, but the mess that is the lives of each of the characters in the play. Sara Ruhl’s hit play is also a mess in the roller coaster of emotions in the play which show that life’s happenings are never consistent in nature. It’s received rave reviews from the local play critics! The play runs at the Performance Network until October 21st, and fans who plan to catch this play, we would love to hear from you!

Kevin Lund Writes For New Film Based on Free-Running!

This is turning out to be a very big year for Kevin Lund (Neflite). Earlier we broke news that he had started a new career as a writer for film and television, most notably the new Rambo movie John Rambo. We have just learned that his pitch has been given a greenlight from New Line Pictures. Tentatively titled Parkour, the film is a drama about a New York city cop who goes undercover to investigate an illegal parkour (or free-running) ring. He wants to stop the gang of thieves who use their artistic skills for evil rather than good. It will be produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey , who also bought The Nativity Story to theaters last Christmas. The movie will star Channing Tatum, and some of our readers may recognize that name from the Amanda Bynes film She’s the Man.

Katie Griffin Joins Cast of Bakugan!

Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) seems to almost be back to the grind of cartoon voices after having her first child, her son Jett, this year. In addition to appearing in the new seasons of Team Galaxy as Koko and Totally Spies as Alex, she now plays Julie in the latest hit among the kid generation, Bakugan Battle Brawlers. She is joining many other former stars of Sailor Moon on this action anime. Fans can watch clips of the English dub at the official site here.

Emilie-Claire Barlow is Going to Japan!

Three days ago, Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars#2, Sailor Venus #2) announced that she would be spending Christmas in Tokyo this year, as she is going to be playing for three nights at the Cotton Club. The club in Japan caters specifically to showcasing influential foreign jazz talent, and is a likeness of the famous club of 1920’s New York. Guests there enjoy an elegant and serene interior, exceptional hospitality, and a menu with a wide variety of delicacies. This is a relatively new club having opened on November 22nd, 2005. The Club has given a very impressive introduction to her Special Christmas Nights performances.”A new, female, professional singer from Canada, the same country which gave the world Diana Krall. Christmas Eve is elegantly colored by the singing voice within which gentleness overflows.” This is coinciding with the Japanese release of Winter Wonderland on November 7th. We reviewed this wonderful album earlier this year. It is already available in North America through iTunes, Snocap, and HMV. She sounds excited to be going to Japan and as far as we can tell, she will be the second VA to travel to Japan. The first one that we know of is Stephanie Beard, who traveled there in 2001. Some of her visit was televised on YTV. Tickets cost between $170-$197 and include a Christmas dinner and a glass of Dom Perignon Champagne. They go on sale on October 20th.

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