VA Sightings May 2007!

We’ve got quite a few sightings for everyone to look forward to in these summer months!

Live Action Theatrical Movies:

Already in theatres is The Lookout , a psycho-crime movie about an aspiring high school hockey player named Chris (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who during a night of drinking and reckless driving with his friends, crashes into a combine. He is left with a brain injury so severe he can’t remember much for long periods of time, and writes things down in a small notebook so he can remember. He works as a night caretaker at a bank, where he attracts the attention of a gang of bank robbers. Chris befriends their ringleader, who in turn introduces him to a young woman, and he falls into the plan. Later, he realizes he is being used and tries to stop them. Critics generally liked this movie and has the distinction of being one of Rotten Tomatoes’ highest rated movies of 2007. David Huband (Serena’s Dad) can be spotted in this movie playing Mr. Tuttle, the bank’s manager.

And the Sylvester Stallone sequels keep on coming! Last Christmas , Rocky Balboa was the movie to see. A year from now look for John Rambo , featuring the Vietnam veteran helping some Christian Missionaries get into Burma to assist the oppressed Karen people. When he gets them there, they are ambushed by the Burmese army, and some missionaries are murdered. The ones that are survived are taken captive and it is up to Rambo to save them! Now a while ago , Kevin Lund (Nephlite) was nowhere to be found. However, our persistence has paid off and we found him! But fans won’t be seeing him in this movie, but his name will be in the credits as a writer for the film! So that’s where he’s been hiding all these years!

Kevin is also writing the script for Vivaldi, a film based on the romance of the famed composer and his muse. What’s even more exciting is that the producer of this film is the legendary Brian Grazer, famous for such productions such as the hit TV shows 24 and Arrested Development, movies like The Da Vinci Code and Cinderella Man, and a whole bunch of other things! . The movie will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who recently directed The Nativity Story.

To be released this August is Charlie Bartlett. Anton Yelchin plays the namesake character, who is a wealthy teenager who appoints himself to be the school psychiatrist (heh, who needs med school these days). Eventually he takes his own advice to get him through his angst-filled teenage years. This dark comedy received rave reviews upon it’s debut at the Tribeca Film Festival just over a week ago! David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) appears in this movie playing Dr. Jacob Kaufmann. Fans can view a trailer here and can spot David in the trailer near the end saying “All I ever hear these days is Charlie Bartlett told my son this”, pacing about in an office.

TV Movies and Shows:

Absolution aired late last year on the Lifetime network and is going to be re-aired May 14th in the afternoon – check your local listings! Samantha Mathis (who once played Princess Daisy in the Live Action Mario Brothers Movie) stars as Bettina Lloyd. Bettina is a New York journalist who returns to her hometown to investigate a comatose man who can heal people. She figures it’s a con until she has an experience that may change her mind and her life! Norma Dell’Agnese (Prisma) can be spotted in this flick as a receptionist.

Sarah LaFleur (Sailor Uranus) played Emily, a naturalist trying to keep rowdy teenagers safe in Lake Placid 2. This made-for-TV movie was a sequel to the Croc-shocker hit Lake Placid (1999). Instead of one crocodile, now there are three in the lake seven years later. This movie was probably a huge hit with teenagers when it aired on the Sci-Fi Network on April 28th, but did not bode well with critics. No word on when (if there will be) the DVD will be released.

Sarah is also currently working on a pilot for a new series from popular British Comedy writer/director/producer Victoria Pile. This show (working title: Untitled Victoria Pile Project) will be a comedy set in an American Police Precinct. Sarah plays Detective Maria Fantozzi and stars alongside Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and comedian Orlando Jones. We’re not sure if ABC will air a sneak peek of the pilot as they did with the other pilot she shot last year, Our Thirties.

Music CDs:

As we reported earlier, Emilie-Claire Barlow will be releasing a new CD of Jazz Tunes on June 19th! . Via her blog, she announced the tracklisting of The Very Thought of You, and has also posted a few preview tracks on her official MySpace! We encourage fans to hear the multi-talented Emilie-Claire sing in English, French, and Spanish! Fans should be able to purchase the album on iTunes close to the release date, or they can pre-order the album here. Special Thanks to Emilie-Claire for permission to use the image!

EDIT: And for fans wanting to see what Naz Edwards’ (Queen Beryl) two cents are on a recent, fallen, American Idol, Click Here!

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