VA Sightings March 2008 (Part 1)!

Hello Moonies! In the last few weeks, we have noticed IMDB has put a couple of VAs on the Sailor Moon page that we haven’t heard of. We got very excited since years ago we tried to get full cast lists from anyone involved with the production of Sailor Moon with no success. So we consulted our DVD collection to see if any of these new listings were true, and for now, they are not. We did not see the names Catherine Disher, or Karen Dwyer anywhere in the credits. We are trying to contact Karen Dwyer for official confirmation. This summer, we hope to have as complete a cast list as we can – a good one that is correct is very difficult to find. Anyway, in lieu of research of those two names, we had to delay this article… but without further ado…

Ferretina Pushed Back AGAIN?

Oh noes! We had read a rumor on the MySpace of Carrie Johnson a while ago that Ferretina was going to be at Cannes this year, but now we have read on another actor’s site that the film is still in production for a release in 2009. For nearly four years we’ve been reading rumors of it being released every spring or Easter, and we were so sure this was the year for it. We Sailor Moon fans are just going to have to wait a little longer to see the massive horde of VAs in this movie under the direction of Roland Parliament.

Speaking of Our Favourite Nerd, Melvin…

Roland Parliament
CN Anime Expo, 2004

Roland Parliament (Melvin, ADR Director) can currently be heard narrating this short promotional film about the LongPen! The LongPen is a green solution for any famous personality wishing to hold a signing of some sort. Invented by fellow Canadian Margaret Atwood, the LongPen allows for anyone to meet a famous person through videoconferencing, and then through the internet receive a personalized autograph. The Earth is not saved by Sailor Moon, but by the dozens of tonnes of carbon saved by celebrities who no longer need to travel to make an event! Roland is also teaching at the Harris Institutue. Aside from Voice Acting, Roland has had a very successful career in the Advertising Industry for more than 30 years – and he is teaching a first year Advertising Arts class at the institute.

Stephanie Morgenstern is Coming To Your TV Soon!

The wait is almost over for Stephanie Morgenstern’s (Sailor Venus #1) new TV show, Flashpoint! The show is in production as we speak and set to start airing on CBS and CTV in July! Though no specific date has been announced, we will keep you posted – and for fans thinking they would not see Stephanie past a name in the credits, you can all breathe a sigh of relief! She will appear as a hostage in the first episode – but will not likely transform into Sailor Venus at the last second to save the day. Those heroic responsibilities have been passed on to cops now :(. Still no word about the production of Ice Planet. Last we heard some preliminary animation had begun, sets were built and things were ready to go, however contractual issues kept the production from starting.

VAs On The Border!

Last week, Kirsten Bishop (Kaori Knight, Zoicite, and Badiyanu) appeared on CBC’s immigration and customs drama, The Border. In “Grave Concern”, an episode dealing with the underworld of pedophiles, Kirsten played Mrs. Johanson, the worried mother of Katie. Katie is a pre-teen girl who was kidnapped a year ago, and held in a kind of dungeon outfitted with a webcam for others in on the sting to observe her torture. We’re not going to go into much more detail about this episode – it was a pretty inhumane scenario. It reminded us a lot of the story of Natascha Kampusch and we’re a little creeped out that something like that might have been what inspired this episode. Nonetheless, Kirsten Bishop’s acting was strong as the worried mother who still held out hope her daughter would be found. Alice Poon (Catsy) also appeared in the show, playing Jenny Vandenberg in the episode “Family Values”. She played a reporter who was reporting a potential illegal adoption of a Darfur refugee by a famous movie star. The Border has been renewed for a second season and fans can click around the official website to watch episodes (but you have to be in Canada or else you won’t be able to). On another note, unfortunately, Intelligence was not renewed. Sabrina Grdevich (Sailor Pluto #1, Anne Granger) had a recurring role as Maxine Reardon in the crime drama.

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