Utada, Kumi, and now BoA. . . Where is Ayu?

We’re a little delayed with our Sailor Moon articles a bit more than we would imagine, but we came across this today and we thought that we’d share it with you all since we do talk a bit about Japanese Pop Music on this blog. With the skyrocketing interest in anime over the last few years, otakudom in North America has also included J-Pop artists. It’s been every otaku’s dream that their favourite artists would make the crossover into the English market – so that fans wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths to get their albums! Of course, the days of Sukiyaki are long gone, but nonetheless, some artists are crossing the pond! Joining Utada Hikaru, Puffy, and Kumi Koda, now BoA has entered the scene. For those of you who don’t know who BoA is, you might recognize her from InuYasha, she sang the 4th ending song, Every Heart. She also collaborated with Japanese hip-hop group for a song called The Love Bug (which was a favorite of mine back in the day). BoA is Korean but sings in Korean, English and Japanese, and is one of the bigger stars in Asia. She has just released her first single to the United States, Eat You Up, and we really dig this track (though she should probably lose the hoodie and show her face a little more)! We’ve got our fingers crossed that BoA makes it big here in North America. We’ve posted the video for you all to watch below. Still though, we’re waiting anxiously for our other favorite artists to jump across the pond, namely Ayumi Hamasaki. Oh well, perhaps it will happen in time? For more information, check out BoA’s American site!

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