URGENT! If You Want A Dash Of Sugar In Ottawa This Weekend…

To our readers: we apologize for not getting this to you sooner. It seems Stephanie “Sugar” Beard (Rini #2) posted this on her MySpace just days ago and nowhere on her official website. She is appearing right now, as we speak, at Ottawa’s Naru 2 U anime convention (which announced this back in August, but we can’t keep track of every con). This morning, she hosted a Saturday Morning Cartoons Block, followed by an autograph session . Tomorrow afternoon, she will be hosting a Sunday Morning Cartoon Block, along with an autograph Session. The schedule is posted here in Microsoft Excel Format. We still don’t know what she is up to in California, or where you all can see her next. Those of you who are going to this con in Ottawa, we would love to hear what happened and feature it on this site! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  1. Midou Says:

    She hosted Sailor Moon(english dub of course) and some other stuff on saturday. On Sunday she hosted the care bears big wish movie, the smurfs, and then babar the movie. She also did a drop in at the Dance on friday night to say hi to everyone, and participated with the 404’s improv comedy group on sunday.

  2. sailordees Says:

    Thanks Midou! I’m hoping to have some pictures up soon – a user has graciously allowed us to use a few photos from his event!

    I have to wonder though how the con got the rights to show Sailor Moon in such a public setting…

  3. Midou Says:

    Very generous companies, thats how. I can assure you it was all legit if thats where you where going with that. Also there are some photos of her posted on the Facebook group Naru2u.

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