Update – Operation Moonrise Phase 7

Hi Sailor Moon fans! We continue to be pleased with the responses that we have seen so far on Operation Moonrise Phase 7. We have obtained a lot of surveys so far, however we are still short of our goal, so we are really encouraging any fans who have not taken the survey yet to do so as soon as they can. Please note that we do have some questionable news regarding the sales of some of the latest merchandise in the survey, and that we can’t move forward until we have received a larger number of responses. The faster we can obtain responses from fans, the faster we can resolve these issues with the companies to ensure customer satisfaction for buyers. While this survey may look long at first, there are not a lot of required questions on it, and moonies will find that there is a lot of flexibility as far as stating their opinions on a particular piece of merchandise. For example, we’ve received comments from mothers stating that they would like to see clothing in children’s sizes, and that the junior sizes are just too small and they want to see more unisex sizes or regular woman’s sizes – comments like this will let the companies know that there are other demographics that they could aim Sailor Moon merchandise towards. Also, please encourage other Sailor Moon fans to take this survey – word of mouth and sharing via social media can go a long way to encouraging more survey responses for the companies to review. Overall, keep in mind that the only way these companies can learn and improve is by you the fans supplying them with feedback. Our surveys do a good job of organizing this into an easy format for them to read and consider.

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