Update – Operation Moonrise Phase 7 & New T-Shirts!

Greetings Moonies! We have been really happy with the results and the positive feedback for our latest survey. However there has been a recent curveball – while the current survey has been running, there has been some recent product lines additions by Hot Topic. Not to fear though, the current surveys that we have received so far will still be forwarded to our contacts; however we are modifying the survey to allow comments for the most recent additions to the Sailor Moon product line. For users that have finished the survey, they will have to redo the mandatory questions, however they may only comment on the recent T-Shirt designs that were recently released (although if you are taking the survey for a second time, and you have any other additional comments to add, feel free to do so). If you are taking the survey for the first time, please complete the entire survey. We understand that there will be some duplicate surveys in the report (which we will make a note about); however we also felt that we should be fair to the fans that finished the survey first and give them the opportunity to respond to the most recent merchandise. Once again, we thank the fans of Sailor Moon for stepping up to take these surveys and for being flexible to the changing product lines that are currently being created to bring our favourite show back to life!

In addition to the link above, readers with smartphones that have QR Code readers can snap this photo below and take the survey on their mobile phones.  We make no guarantees how this will display or run on mobile devices.  For those fans who try this please let us know how it goes!  Also, Hybrid Apparel forwarded us catalog images of the new T-shirts to share with you all.  This is the first time we’ve seen images like this that go down to who designed the shirt and what colors and inks are being used.  We like seeing the names of the shirts too!












Thanks for your continued support of Operation Moonrise! And now, on to the survey!

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  1. Uvabunchies Says:

    I have a Samsung galaxyS and I used the QR code and took the survey on my phone. It worked great. Everything showed up and looked fine and I encountered mo problems.

  2. Uvabunchies Says:

    I meant no problems.

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