Upcoming Interviews!

EDIT: Fans now have until June 14th!

We’re still very busy scrambling to finish this report under a tight deadline, but we can share with you some exciting news – we have not one, but TWO interviews coming up! Moonie1995 attended Anime Blitz with me last Sunday and we broke this news there first!

And these interviews are with:

Emilie-Claire Barlow
(the second voice of both Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus)
Lyon Smith

Since we are really busy with putting this report together, fans will have until at least June 10th to submit their questions. Either comment on this post, send us an email (with the subject Emilie-Claire Barlow and Lyon Smith Interview in the subject) at Moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZTHXWITHACHERRYONTOPgmail.com, or post in this thread on our forum. Once we are done the report, we’ll give you a week’s warning for when the last day will be to submit questions. Do not feel you have to be limited to only asking about Sailor Moon! They have worked on a lot of other productions, and you can click on Emilie-Claire Barlow’s and Lyon Smith’s tags for more information, or hit their pages on IMDB here or here for more. They also have official sites too (here and here). Emilie-Claire Barlow is also an accomplished jazz singer and the second VA to go to Japan, and she is also the first VA to make it big there, aside from voicing several cartoon characters . Lyon Smith also has a career in music aside from voicing several roles in cartoons, and he posts his songs (which range from rock, alternative, experimental, to even ambient) on his official websites – Gas Mask is one of our favorites!

We’re excited to bring you this interview, as well as a few more this summer!

2 Responses to “Upcoming Interviews!”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Awesome! Emilie Barlow was one of my favorite actresses from the Sailor Moon dub. I love her as Mina!

    As for questions

    1. Did you sing Mina's song from the episode "Nightmare Garden"? (It was an English version of Route Venus)

    2. Which role did you enjoy more? Raye or Mina?

    3. Do you have a particular favorite scene or episode?

  2. esahC Says:

    The more the merrier, I always say.

    For Emilie…

    1. What exactly happened to Katie Griffin that made you voice Sailor Mars during "The Lost Episodes"?

    2. What happened to Stephanie Morgenstern? Who made the decision to made you the next voice of Sailor Venus?

    3. What made you decide to become a part of "Total Drama Island?"

    4. What inspired you to become a Canadian jazz singer?

    For Lyon Smith…

    1. What exactly inspired you to become a singer?

    2. How did you get the role for Sapphire, and how did you play the role?

    3. What would you say would be your "style" for your music? Or, what kind of rules or limits do you put yourself on for writing your songs?

    Thanks you for your time.

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