Upcoming Interviews – End of June 2010

Hey Moonies! We won’t stop celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Sailor Moon in North America, and what better way to do this than to share stories of the series from the people involved with it themselves? We’ve got 3 more to share with you today! At this time we wish to thank their agent for this opportunity!

Katie Griffin played Sailor Mars throughout the series and movies (except for the last 17 episodes of Sailor Moon R due to illness). Katie has also played many different beloved cartoon characters in shows such as Undergrads, Totally Spies, Team Galaxy, the computer animated Care Bears movies, and Beyblade! She is also a singer – I had the opportunity to see her in concert in 2006 and she is very talented!

Susan Roman
played Sailor Jupiter since the beginning and many children have grown up hearing her voices in cartoons from the old Strawberry Shortcake, to the Canadian staple The Raccoons, and was even the voice of the dog Snowy in TinTin. She has been a voice actress for a very long time and continues to be heard today!

And finally, we have one third of your favorite felines! Ron Rubin is best known for playing Artemis since the series began! Ron has also played many roles over the years in cartoons such as Erky Perky (which earned him an ACTRA Award Nomination in 2007), Kratt’s Creatures, and X-Men. Ron has also worked as a writer for TV shows over the years.

Fans have until midnight of June 25th to get their questions in. Also, each fan will be allowed to ask a maximum of two questions per actor (so please come up with relevant ones). Please do not ask questions that aren’t relevant or can be easily answered with a quick online search. One of the hot topics of the last round of interviews were the cast changes in the last two seasons, and we’ll point you to this official statement that Optimum Productions sent Save Our Sailors several years ago. And as always, don’t feel that you are absolutely limited to ask only about their work on Sailor Moon! As always you can submit your questions to us via e-mail at Moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXWITHACHERRYONTOPANDEXTRASPRINKLESgmail.com, our forums, and by commenting on this post. Please sign some sort of username we can credit your question to when you submit them.

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  1. Corey Says:

    Please make sure each of the actors are asked if they remember playing any other characters during the series of Sailor Moon. Would be interesting to know if they voiced some monsters as well.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't find it anywhere on the net. For Katie when is your birthday?

  3. SparklingBlue Says:

    To Susan:

    How did you create the voice for Jupiter?

  4. Salvatore Says:

    Katie Griffin –

    1. Would you say playing Raye was one of your favorite roles?

    2. Do people recongize you as the voice of Sailor Mars?

    Susan Roman –

    1. Do you have any funny recording stories during work on Sailor Moon?

    2. Do you have any favorite episodes or moments from Sailor Moon?

    Ron Rubin

    1. How did you get the part of Artemis? Did you audition?

    2. You've been involved with the series for quite some time, do you notice any changes while working on it? (Such as direction, or how the dubbing was handled?)


  5. Cody Enevoldsen Says:

    Hello! My name is Cody Enevoldsen, and I have some questions for Susan Roman, Sailor Jupiter.

    " Did you enjoy recording Lita's/Sailor Jupiter's voice? Saying things like "Supreme Thunder Crash!" and "Jupiter! Thunder Clap, Zap! "

    " What was it like for the first few recordings? Were you nervous around the other cast? "

    " Do you think that you relate well with Lita/Sailor Jupiter? "

    Thanks Again, Cody Enevoldsen~

  6. sailordees Says:

    Cody, you're only allowed two questions per actor! We're sorry but we have to enforce this. Which two would you prefer to be answered?

  7. Cody Enevoldsen Says:

    Oh Okay, Im very Sorry sailordees! D8

    I miss-read the post and thought it was "3 minimum questions" Im SO sorry!

    " Did you enjoy recording Lita's/Sailor Jupiter's voice? Saying things like "Supreme Thunder Crash!" and "Jupiter! Thunder Clap, Zap! "

    " What was it like for the first few recordings? Were you nervous around the other cast? "

  8. Anne Says:

    Is it possible to just ask one for all? If so:

    1. Did you have a favorite episode or scene? What was it like recording it?
    2. Would you want to reprise your role in a possible Sailor Moon re-dub?

  9. esahC Says:

    Well, someone took my words literally.

    For Katie…

    1. What exactly was the illness that cause you to not voice Rei for "The Lost Episodes"?

    2. Did you used your experience on Sailor Moon to your advantage for other show, like your role in Totally Spies (speaking of which, what happened to that job)?

    For Susan…

    1. Any particular reason you decided to stay on for Lita's character?

    2. For someone who been voice acting for so long, what is it about voice acting that makes you stay as a voice actor?

    For Ron…

    1. What made you decide to stay on for the role of Artemis?

    2. What would you say is your influences for your writing career?

  10. Taylor Says:

    For Katie:

    1. You've played goofball roles like Alex from "Totally Spies", mean girl roles like Nina from "Braceface" and the mix of the two in Sailor Mars' character, what kind of character do you like playing most?

    2. Your rendition of "Oh Starry Night" is extremely beautiful and is one of my absolute favourite moments from the show, is there a reason why your version was never released?

    For Susan:

    1. Sailor Jupiter is so complex. How did you approach a character who is such a tom boy but who also loves girly things?

    2. From Lita arguing with Mina over boys or talking about how certain guys reminded her of her "old boyfriend", was it fun playing up those comedic moments in contrast to the battle scenes?

    For Ron:

    1. What was it like playing the fan-favourite character of Morph in "X-Men"?

    2. You've played both superheroes and sidekicks (like Artemis), what role do you like playing more?

  11. EcoReck Says:

    Question for all 3: If you guys had the chance to do voice acting in Sailor Moon in the future for the possible redub, would you?

    Katie: Were you friends with any of the other voice actors outside of the studio?

    Susan: If fans ever see you in real life, do they ask for voice impressions of characters such as Lita?

    Ron: Due to the very limited numbers of male roles in Sailor Moon, how hard was it to get a role in it?

  12. Zozonae Says:

    These questions are for all 3:

    Would you consider reprising your role if the fifth season (Stars) was ever dubbed in English and/or if the series was ever re-dubbed in English would you want to take part?

    What would you say was your most favourite role as a voice actor/actress and why?

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