Upcoming Films with Robert Tinkler

Coopers’ Camera, a film including Robert Tinkler (Rubeus) as officer Malette will be screening at the Victoria Film Festival in the Capitol 6 in Victoria on January 30th at 6:45pm, and January 31st at 2pm. It will also be screened at the Boulder International Film Festival on Friday February 12th at 10:00 pm at the Boulder Theater on Boulder, Colorado. The comedy film is about a dysfunctional family on Christmas day in 1985 primarily told through the eyes of Teddy, the youngest son, via a VHS camcorder. The film was previously shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fans can also listen for Robert Tinkler in the upcoming film Kung Fu Magoo, where he voices some background characters. The 80 minute film produced in Mexico will be released on DVD on May 11th. The film “pits Quincy Magoo and his 12-year-old nephew, Justin, against giant robotic spiders, ninjas on jet skis and mutant Beasteens which are half animal and half teenage girl.” (description from Cartoon Brew)

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