Two Very Interesting Tidbits!

Hot from yesterday’s newsbreaker, two whispers were lurking in the news today!

Geneon Reaffirms Interest in Sailor Moon Franchise!

On the heels of our update on TOEI yesteday, Anime on DVD has posted their recap of events from a Geneon Industry Panel from this year’s Anime Central in Rosemont, IL. Geneon stated this at the panel: “Toei currently has a lockdown on all Sailor Moon licenses, but Geneon may be interested if the situation changes”. We are unsure whether this was a statement made from Geneon on their own or whether a fan asked the question. If it was a fan that asked a question about Sailor Moon, we would like to thank them – questions like this let the companies all know that there is still a lot of interest in the property!

Sailor Moon Helps Inspire Gates Millennium Scholar!

One of the Gates Millennium Scholar winners this year is Montrice Merritt. Montrice is currently a senior and one of the top students in the graduating class of 2007 at Virginia’s Radford High School. She one day dreams of being the U.S. International Ambassador to Japan, planning to attend school in Vermont to study International Relations. As a child she was very interested in Japan, and loved to watch Sailor Moon – and as she grew, so did her interest! She later studied the culture and country through books and enrolled in a Foreign Language program with a Governor’s School in Virginia! We wish Montrice the best of luck in college, and we’re happy to hear of this story! Cosmic Moon Power to you, Montrice!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a bit late… I was going through your website and came across this. This statement was in response to a fan’s question. You’re welcomed ^_^

  2. Brandee Says:

    Umm, just to let you know, Montrice didn’t graduate from Hawaii’s Radford High School, but from Radford High School in Radford, VA. Just putting it out there.

  3. sailordees Says:

    Sorry! I just edited it!

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