Two Fall 2009 Sailor Sightings!

Gravure Idol Reveals Favorite Childhood Manga!

Another tiny little sighting, but any little bit helps to keep the recent re-release of Sailor Moon in the public eye! Japanese Gravure Idol Yuuri Morishita is currently starring as the heroine in the upcoming film Kyokara Hitman and was interviewed recently for Japan’s Cinema Magazine. She was asked a bunch of questions about her role, challenges she faced doing some of the stunts, and a question about what she found different with working on a movie compared to a gravure shoot. To that question, she pretty much answered she enjoyed playing a character and letting people know a little more about what she was like, compared to her gravure shoots… which, if any of our readers know anything about gravure idols, sounds like a bit of a blessing! She was also asked what her favorite manga was as a child, and the first title she listed was Sailor Moon! After came Evangelion, a manga called Empress (we couldn’t find much about this one), and of course, Kyokara Hitman. The Kyokara Hitman movie opens in Japan on September 26th!

New Cosplay Lounge Opens in Las Vegas!

This was tweeted earlier by AICNAnime. A new lounge has opened in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas! The lounge is located in Dragon Noodle Co. (which we are assuming is an Asian noodlery or ramen bar of sorts) and the waitresses are cosplayers! This is aimed at entertaining a demographic which isn’t catered to much in Vegas – teens and tweens! And of course, it also appeals to geeks. This has only been going on for a month, and the majority of costumes are based on Sailor Moon. In fact, the Las Vegas Sun’s photo which accompanied this article featured lucky waitress Fatima “Phoebe” Barkoff as Sailor Jupiter(featured here)! How’s that for poetic justice? Makoto is well known in the anime for being an excellent chef. We wonder if she serves cakes with sparklers? I’d have thought something like this might have opened in the JPop Sushi Bar in Mandalay Bay, but it doesn’t appear to be open there anymore. If any of our readers are in Vegas and pay this lounge a visit, we’d love to see more pictures of their costumes!

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