Triple Dose of Sugar!

Hey Moonies! We’ve got three big pieces of Sugar news! Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) is making it big on the silver screen, as well as youtube!

Our first dose: Pineapple?! For those of our readers who are into R-rated stoner flicks, you may be surprised that she appears briefly in one. Sug can be seen in the beginning of Pineapple Express, walking around an office with a ton of files in her hand behind Seth Rogen. It’s a little hard to catch since this scene flies by pretty quickly. We’re not going to say much else about this movie except that our readers shouldn’t watch this – it’s more than earned its ‘R’ rating. This screenshot comes from Emily, and you can see Sug just behind Seth!

Second dose: funny has a serious side! I finally saw Funny People last week, and having seen a few “typical” Seth Rogen comedies (and others like it), I have to say this one was pretty good. The potty humor was a bit overused in places, but once anyone can get past that, it was a pretty good film. Sugar is featured in a Thanksgiving dinner scene, and you hear her laugh a lot during George Simmons’ (Adam Sandler) toast. She is sitting right next to him! I was hoping to see her in some other scenes but I guess that wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless it was nice to see her on the silver screen – when she came on I pointed her out to the friend I had gone with :). Once again, this movie is a little mature, but it is one to go see. It isn’t as bad as some of the critics are saying it is!

Third dose: A generous helping of Sugar on YouTube! Stephanie posted a video on youtube at the beginning of this month, which she not only stars in, but she produced! The Sad Street Performer features her in a tiger costume, performing almost anything for a dollar. Then she meets a donkey…and “de-donkeys” him… Sug takes most of the credit for this short, silent, film, and it looks like some of her friends helped her shoot this at Venice Beach. We’ve got it below for you all to see!

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