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Tracey Hoyt

Although Tracey Hoyt (Rini #1) was unable to attend the Sailor Moon Celebration in Toronto due to a previous commitment, she has sent in some details about a couple of appearances that fans might be interested in.

Here’s what she had to say about Sailor Moon fandom:

It still amazes me that Sailor Moon is still having such a lasting, positive impact. It means a lot.

She also wanted me to let you all know that Rini says:


Tracey said that she is proud to be in the very funny, dark Canadian film Guidance as Brenda (which premiered at TIFF in 2014). This film is about a former child star who fabricates credentials to become a high school guidance counsellor. Despite giving terrible advice, he becomes popular with the students.

Here’s the trailer (note that it includes lewd content and is not appropriate for all audiences, Tracey can be seen around 0:21 and 0:53)

Tracey is also proud to be part of the film Len and Company as Mrs. Pickett, which premiered at TIFF this year. The film is about a successful music producer who quits the industry and exiles himself, but his estranged son and a pop star he’s created come looking for answers (description from IMDb). I have not found a trailer for this one, but the reviews are generally quite positive.

Tracey is also active as a theatre actor, so you can look out for her on the stage in the Toronto area as well.

If you would like to follow Tracey on Twitter for more frequent updates from her, you can check out @PirateVoiceTo (her voice-over teaching account) or @facevaluewest (her current acting account).

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