To the Students of Luther College…

The staff and readers of Moon Chase send out their thoughts and prayers to you that you all heal from this ordeal and carry the strength that saved you from the gym evermore. This was my alma mater, and I was disheartened seeing the footage of teachers I once knew on the news today. This was the last place I ever expected something like this to happen. I am completely at a loss of words for what else to say about this.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What happend?

  2. sailordees Says:

    I posted a couple links to read in the story. You can go there or search the news for more information. Nonetheless, here is my story…

    At 10:45ish , I got a text message from my best friend saying that there was a shooting at our old high school, and that she was on her way to pick up a Thai student that she, I, and another good friend of mine, tutor. I was in such a panic, and in disbelief, and still thinking it was a joke I turned on the radio and it was all true. I called my friend up and the first thing I asked was how the student was, and then I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that everyone was safe. More details came out that day, but the pastor that was held at gunpoint was the vice-principal back in my day. He was a lot nicer than the principal and helped me out a lot when something really bad happened to me in high school in senior year. I’m glad to know that he and everyone else is okay.

  3. Sydney Says:

    Holy crap no way!!!! After reading all your stuff that i just happened to randomly stumble apon this night…. you are from my city!!!! Or least I've come to beleive that. :S 😀 totally freakin awesome cool!

  4. sailordees Says:

    I live between two cities, soon to become three :).

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