To Our New Zealand Readers: Flashpoint is Coming to You This Week!

This entry is just for our New Zealand readers – we just learned of a premiere date for Flashpoint on TVNZ’s TV2! Flashpoint will premiere at 8:30 PM on Wednesday September 17th! There is even a teaser trailer with a really cool sparkling purple logo. We’ve been reading some rather lukewarm articles from TV critics there, and some of the things we have read are really unfair to the show. So to our New Zealand Moon Chasers and their friends – please give the show a chance. There is a lot more to the show behind the banter which TV Critic Tom Shales deems is “bouncy and bonhomie”. We’d like to let him know the show worked very hard alongside retired members of the police force this show is based on to get their details right. And there is a lot more substance to “perky” Jules and “Stubble Boy” Braddock. The first episode is not as great compared to the rest that come, but the show will and does get better. It’s unlike most cop shows on TV. And it has done really well on CBS in the US with high ratings and lots of viewers. It’s one of the top rated TV shows here in Canada too. If ever at all you want to read a spoiler for an episode before you watch it, feel free to check out our detailed summaries on each episode – but you’ll get a lot more out of it if you catch the show. By watching the show, you’re also supporting Stephanie Morgenstern, who is a favorite among fans for her performance as the first Sailor Venus. You’ll even get to see the face behind the voice in the first episode as she plays the hostage! So please, give this show a chance. Normally we don’t care for shows like CSI, NCIS, and Law and Order, but we were all pleasantly surprised with this one and we hope you will be too.

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