Three Quick Sightings and Looking for a Guest Writer

Do you have what it takes?

Hey fans. We’ll be expanding these sightings all a bit later but there’s one coming up that I need to get out ASAP.

☼ Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Pupuran) is going to appear on ABC’s new fall sitcom Notes from the Underbelly . He will be playing Ben – I am unsure whether this is a voice or a live action role. ABC is going to show a sneak peak of the pilot this Thursday evening (check your local listings)!

☼ Jeff Lumby (Dr. Tomoe) is the new host of the Morning Radio Show on
Dave FM in Ontario . We’ll be listening to it soon (once one of us can wake up in our oddball timezones)!

We are currently looking for a reader in Europe that has access to the beta version of Joost – we acquired a token recently and are very impressed. However we North Americans don’t get Gong ! We’d love to hear from someone in Europe who has tried the service and what they think about it (and if it holds potential for North America)! Please contact us at . Previous freelance journalism experience is recommended but not required.

And just for kicks, you be the judge!

Here is the opening for the recently premiered tokusatsu comedyBishoujo Celeb Panchanne (keep in mind the same director of PGSM, Masataka Takamaru is directing this series):

Here is the opening for the tokusatsu we hope you’ve all heard of by now, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (spot the similarities!):

And here’s an older tokusatsu we were notified about earlier, and we think this may be a near remake of this series! Reader Adam DuVall told us of an older tokusatsu from the early nineties called Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine, and we can’t help but notice the alarming similarities between the two series!

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