Three Days to Go to Get Your Comments In About Manga Preferences!

Hi Everyone! Just a friendly reminder you have 3 days left to get your comments in about manga preferences (please click this link and add your comments to this post). I have added in every email and comment up to now, and so far we have 7 pages single spaced in comments (and I had hoped for 5). Great comments guys, and for those of you who want to say something short to Kodansha before we begin a letter writing campaign, this is your last chance! Also, if any of you were fans of the Tokyopop Novels and you have any comments about those, please submit them. They were popular with some of you, and we’re going to forward the answer for that category to Kodansha anyway (but if you fans really want to see those released again, a few comments wouldn’t hurt). Thanks again for all your support of Operation Moonrise!

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