This One Sure Blew Our Radar!

Last June, Toei quietly began their Anime On Demand video service by setting up a really flat MySpace and uploading episodes from Slam Dunk and Fist of the North Star to Direct2Drive. Direct2Drive also features other anime from other companies in North America. We’re not really into either of these series, and judging from the poll, these two were approximately 2nd and 3rd-ish place picks, and not any of the top series that fans wanted to see. Nonetheless, we gave the free episode of Slam Dunk available on a try. We were impressed with the quality, but we would have liked to have seen subtitles during the theme song. The show? We’re not fans of sports anime so we didn’t like it (but that’s not to say that there may be some fans who think that Slam Dunk is better than Sailor Moon). We’re wondering why Toei isn’t hyping up this service at all, at $2.00 an episode it’s a pretty good deal. As of this writing, we’re not sure if Sailor Moon will be included (though it was definitely mentioned on the Myspace). We still think it’s dependent ultimately on Naoko giving the thumbs up to countries outside of Japan. We also are still holding out some hope for the dub to be released in this service – despite all it’s criticisms, many fans (including our staff) hold a special place for the dub in our hearts and we’d all love to see it again. Fans who are members of Direct2Drive and who are fans of these series, we’d love to hear from you to get your opinion on this service. Do you think that it was worth it to do it through Direct2Drive or would you have rather seen them do something more like their AnimeBB Service?

EDIT: We finally found Toei Animation’s USA site and their On Demand site. Turns out they have also added Pretty Cure and Digimon Adventure 02. There is NO MENTION of Sailor Moon anywhere on these pages. In light of this, we’re a little worried that the show may not make an appearance anytime soon on Direct2Drive.

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