There Will Be A New Care Bears Series This Fall!

On CBS in North America!

Not too long ago, we told you of a new movie that involved Tracey Moore (Sailor Moon #1). We have recently learned macho man Scott McNeil, who in the past has played many macho roles such as Duo in Gundam Wing, Koga in InuYasha, and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z is playing… Grumpy Bear in this new movie (yes, we are as shocked as you are D:). We have read a few reviews already of the new movie and they aren’t great (and hope to hear more when it goes into a wider release soon). If any fan wants to watch this movie, and wishes to tell us how bad (or good) it was (preferably in comparison to the recent movies from Nelvana) we’d love to hear from them. Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to meet Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) in Toronto. In a really quick chat before a benefit concert, she told me that there was talk of producing a new series of Care Bears. We had lost all hope in ever hearing news of that after learning about this new movie, but are now able to confirm that there is indeed a new series. It is slated to premiere some time in September on CBS in a new Saturday Morning Cartoon Block aimed for young children. This new Care Bears will not be Computer Animated in 3-D but in 2-D. However, it is not being produced by Nelvana at all – but is coming from DiC using the same style of Care Bears (looking more like people than bears) as the movie. And 20th Century Fox will be handling Home Video distribution. And it’s looking like there will be 52 episodes made – but they will only be 11 minutes long. The show promises to be a “fresh and contemporary twist” on “everyone’s favorite bears, filled with warmth, caring and humor, and their delightful tales from Care-a-lot”. We anticipate seeing a few VA’s involved in this project and we will sit through the premiere of the show to let you know who is in it. We’re still surprised there is not a single mention of this new show on the Official Site, this close to the Fall Season. We will keep you posted when we find out what date this show will premiere.

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