The New Speed Racer Movie Ain’t Doing So Well At The Box Office…

So – our poll results are in, and thanks to all 55 of you that voted! Seriously, we try to add polls to this site to add a bit of fun and we definitely know there’s more than 55 of you who read this site, so we encourage you all to vote! 61.8% of you voted that you’d go see a Sailor Moon movie with a darker perspective on the plot, just like the new Speed Racer Movie. 16.4% told us that while you thought the flashy effects were cool, you probably wouldn’t go see it, and 21.8% were undecided.

Speed Racer just opened last week in theaters, and so far it isn’t doing so well, raking in a disappointing 6.1 million on Friday. Nearly every review we have read has panned the flick, and we Moon Chase staffers aren’t planning on seeing it for now (though we may brave it for second run theaters). We weren’t too impressed with the first 8 minutes of the movie, and we thought it was a cross between Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and the popular F-Zero GX video game for the Nintendo Game Cube. We really don’t like the outside scenery at around the 3 minute mark – it looks too fake. We’re embedding the first 8 minutes below for you all to see. If any of our readers have gone to see it, we’d love to hear from you! Post a comment below!

This being said, this is only the first in many American adaptations of anime titles to live-action movies to come. Next up is Dragon Ball, and we’ve seen a lot of pictures from the set of this film and our expectations are continuously getting lowered. These blogs (link 1, link 2) are doing a very good job of covering the film’s production. We worry this Fox film won’t do the original anime much justice. Not too long ago, Dreamworks finally announced that they had gotten the rights to make a Ghost in the Shell 3-D Live Action movie. GiTS is one of our favorites here at Moon Chase, and just in case anyone from Dreamworks is reading this, PLEASE DON’T MESS THIS UP! Don’t follow the example of Speed Racer. Since Avi Arad is at the helm of this one, we have a lot more faith in him that he will make this one great – after all, his Iron Man is #1 for the second week in a row !

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  1. Nenena Says:

    This is the only positive review of the movie that I’ve seen so far.

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