The Impostor Has Contacted Us, But is NOT Cooperating.

Hello Moonies! We’re working hard to finally end this voice actor impostor saga, but unfortunately we have hit a snag. The Impostor contacted us, however she/he has refused to start any of the apologies that she/he has to start making, or to remove any of the fake images of Linda Ballantyne. The Impostor refuses to cooperate and fix this situation in a timely fashion (because, apparently the over 2 months we have spent dealing with this problem means nothing to this person and she/he wants to continue to take us on a ride). These images are still showing up on a few image searches, which means other sites are still picking them up as official. Leave your comments for this impostor below, we don’t think this person really understands the magnitude of what she/he has done.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    To be honest, I think this person probably just has too much time on their hands and is probably loving the "fame" and drama over the whole thing. Isn't it best to just leave it as is- I'm sure they'd get bored and move onto something else. The more attention we feed this person, the more they're probably laughing and enjoying it. Imposting is nothing people can really stop and there's no incentive for the person to own up and apologise. IMHO anyway.

  2. Moon Chase Says:

    The impostor is genuinely sorry, but is giving lots of excuses for not taking down the photos. The person isn't laughing about it either – we gave the person two small tasks that could have been done in 20 minutes to do for the last two weeks, and the person hasn't bothered to do anything. Also, one of the reasons the impostor claims do have done this is that they don't believe the stars interact with the fans at all. The impostor does not realize that they have their own private lives too, and we don't ever impose on them.

  3. ralate.moon Says:

    i think the reason the impostor is doing this is because he/she is a lonely people and very bored person.

    for the impostor:
    " hey , Don't waste your life for this(this is very lame) , they are Plenty and greatest thing you could do for your life. So if you love much Sailor Moon well, be friends to the Moonie community, not an enemy."

    i really would love if he/she would at least apologies in a Comment( The only thing he/she hurt me was on Sarah Lafleur fake account and the interview (moonkitty)) i love her so much!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well honestly guys, you don't have any control whether he apologizes or removes images or whatever. =/

    He's not going to feel remorse that you spent so much time figuring out it was him either. If I shop lifted from a store and found out someone had spent a year finding out it was me I wouldn't say, "Oh, I'm sorry you went through all that trouble."

    The only ones who have control over it are people like the police, or lawyers or people who hold copyright and whatnot. You're none of those, so just be happy that you did everything that you could and let it go; there's nothing else you can do.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I'm just curious. Is the impostor the one who originally posted the fake interviews?

  6. Moon Chase Says:

    The Impostor felt that the actors of Sailor Moon "weren't giving enough attention" to the fans. So, this person decided to first of all create a fake twitter account for Linda Ballantyne, and offered us an interview. We took it. A few months later, this person noticed the buzz from that account was dying, so they went and created another account for Sarah LaFleur. This interview was never attached to the email that the person sent us saying that it was done, and never made it to the site. The impostor didn't have their own site to post the interview themselves – so we are at fault for being the first to post it. We were not the only ones fooled by this person's attempt to impersonate the two actresses.

    The person is starting to feel remorse, and wants to write an apology to the fans not only for this but for another rumor that the person started and continued to push that it was true after we went to extreme lengths to validate that it was a hoax. We scored one victory yesterday; we had given this person a small task of deleting the fake images and they gave us every excuse they could think of as to why they could not. On Saturday night, The Me and I wrote a letter to TwitPic and attached several documents we had linking "Linda" to this impostor, as well as an official letter saying that these images were a fraud. We got word yesterday that the fake account was suspended, and this was enough to shock the impostor.

    I hope this answers everyone's questions.

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