The Death of Alice Blue Wins Some Awards!

But Does This Mean The Film Is Any Closer To A Wider Release?

Well, it finally looks like a movie that was shot years ago involving two VAs is finally on a roll. Vampire flick The Death of Alice Blue won three awards at The Accolade Competition! The movie won an Award of Excellence for Leading Actress (Alex Appel), as well as two Honorable Mentions. One for direction (Park Bench) and the other for Feature Film. The movie features Barbara Radecki (Sailor Neptune, Serena’s Mom, Queen Serenity) as Sherry, and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) as Katie. Katie’s husband, Michael Kulas, also composed music for the movie. The official Facebook group still says that the movie is being submitted to different festivals, but no word yet on which festivals it has been accepted to as of this writing, or if there has been a distribution deal. We will keep you posted as soon as we find out more!

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