The Care Bears are Invading September 15th!

Finally, some word about CBS’s Saturday Morning Fall Schedule! Readers may recall earlier news that we broke about a new animated Care Bears Series produced by DiC (who also produced Sailor Moon in North America). The name of the new block has just been announced, and we think it’s a little… corny. “Kewlopolis” is the new Saturday morning childrens block on CBS and will begin on September 15th, and Care Bears will be leading the block, followed by Strawberry Shortcake, Cake, Horseland, Sabrina: the Animated Series, and Trollz. And, there is still no mention of the new cartoon anywhere on the official Care Bears site. Again, we anticipate seeing a few VAs voice the bears and encourage fans to keep their eyes peeled!

And a few more reviews of Oopsy Does It! have popped up all over the internet. A parent blogged about her kids liking it but neglected to post much of their opinion. We found this spoiler-filled opinion the best so far and really shows the bears being more shallow than they have ever been before. The DVD will be released October 23rd, but we probably won’t be raring to see it.

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