The Anecdotes of Yoshihiro Togashi

As of January, our favorite ‘first husband’ of Sailor Moon is back to publishing chapters of Hunter x Hunter again! But in addition to the manga itself, fans are also getting a bit of an inside look into Togashi himself.

At the end of each chapter is a short anecdote from Togashi:

From Issue 5&6 (a double issue to kick off the new year):

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry to keep you all waiting! This year’s goal is to draw as much as possible.

We hope you’ll make good on this resolution and give us more than just ten weeks this year!

Issue 7:

Even though he was driving an automatic car, I got mad at the taxi driver that drove with the lowest gear. I was drunk.

(TL note: If you’re driving an automatic, you’d rarely use the lowest gear selection unless it was absolutely necessary. We can only assume this means the taxi driver was very slow.)

Issue 8:

I went to a New Year’s party and I met a young writer that was full of energy. It was only a dream.

We can only wonder if this writer was a younger version of you Togashi, it would be a shame to let that dream down!

Issue 9:

When I hear a Hyakunin Isshu*, I forget one poem for every three I remember. I even forget a poem when I am asleep.

(* An anthology of one hundred poems by one hundred poets.) Sounds like you remember 75 poems, I hope the other 25 don’t feel too bad.

Issue 10:

Since the beginning of the year, there continue to be new challenges every day. I have great expectations to fulfill by the end of the year.

We certainly hope you fulfill them, Togashi!

It’s also mentioned that there will be an interview with Togashi in the next issue!

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