Thank You Moonies For Helping Make Operation Moonrise Phase 4 Such a Huge Success!

Moonies, as of this moment the survey is closed. We have a grand total of 1533 surveys – much more than the 1100 we had hoped for! We want to thank each and every fan who responded to our survey over the last two months, from around the world. Moonies will always be there for Sailor Moon! We want to thank every site for their support and promotion of this campaign, and once we have more figured out we will contact you with a follow up.

As we feverishly sit down to work on this report now, we are under a time crunch. We cannot be specific, but Artemis came to our clubhouse office window and said with his flailing arms as he took over our computers, that something could be in the works for Sailor Moon in a matter of weeks, on this side of the pond. We were shocked at what he showed us, nonetheless! We can’t tell you what this something is just yet, but it’s put us under a time crunch we didn’t expect at all. Also given this information, right now is a VERY GOOD time for those of you who have not sent in a letter in support of the anime to any of the companies involved to write one and send it off within the next 3-4 weeks. We’re hoping to get this report done for one of the companies (the other one can wait for a while) in 2 weeks.

If you have not sent in a letter yet, suggestions on what to write and who to contact are here.

6 Responses to “Thank You Moonies For Helping Make Operation Moonrise Phase 4 Such a Huge Success!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Oh my goodness! I'm on the edge of my seat! What could this news be? I'll definitely make an effort to get a couple more letters out in the next few days.

  2. ralate.moon Says:

    IM glad with this campaign

  3. Senshi Says:

    OMG!! Really?! I can't wait to hear it!! I knew this campaign will work out if we all worked together. ^-^

  4. limited2gal Says:

    it's been exactly a week!
    are you gonna tell us soon what's on "this side of the pond" yet?

    i'm so exited 😀

  5. sailordees Says:

    We can't just yet, sorry. We have to get this report done first before we report it and break it – we are under a lot of pressure right now and we hope that all our fans can understand!

  6. limited2gal Says:

    so last night, i was wathing nickelodeon with my little brother (actually just peeking) when this commercial came on that said something like "…new 'nicktoon'… DRAGONBALL-GT…premiers…blablablaaaa…"
    Nickelodeon bought dragonball GT?
    (i remember shouting 'nooooooo…' ^__^;)

    "wait!" then i remembered that funimation is re-dubbing all dragonball seasons(or at least 'Z' and 'GT'), and i think dragonball is by toei animation?!

    Does this mean that Sailormoon is capable of airing on Nick if it ever comes back to America?
    I sure hope not (i prefer cartoon network, but all their good shows are gone…), but i know that there are probably some fans out there who would do anything to get our sailors back.

    sorry for my blabbering, but i thought i'd make something out of this, rather than leave it untouched. 😛

    BTW, about the pressure: of course i understand, and i hope everyone else does, too!

    …Sorry again! 🙂

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