Sailor Moon Pullip Dolls: A Gift for Everybody’s Favorite Collector

Happy Holidays!

With the holidays around the corner, there are a number of gifts for the Moonie in your life or even for yourself. To celebrate the ongoing 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon, a number of the Korean Styled Pullip Sailor Moon dolls have been released. Out right now are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars,Princess Serenity with Sailor Jupiter just announced and coming out soon.

Sailor Moon Pullip DollSailor Mercury Pullip DollSailor Venus Pullip DollPrincess Serenity Pullip314a001f90634fda8e69d9ec2d9f94caSailor Jupiter Pullip Doll

The dolls range from 17280 ¥ (20250 ¥ for Special Editon dolls, that come with their school uniforms as well) or $172.99 (cheapest) and $179.99 with a few on sale on a number of sites. Prices below are for standard with the 20520¥ Price for the Bandai.JP Special Editions w/ School Uniforms for Mercury, Mars, and Venus (Site in Japanese) and USD Prices for Tokyo Otaku Mode Store (Site in English).


  •  17280¥ – Sailor Moon – $172.99 ($138.39)
  • 17280¥ (20520¥ for Bandai Special Edition) – Sailor Mercury – $172.99 ($121.09)
  • 17280¥ (20520 Yen for Bandai Special Edition) – Sailor Venus – $172.99 ($121.09)
  • 18360¥ – Princess Serenity – $183.99
  • 17280¥ (20520 Yen for Bandai Special Edition) – Sailor Mars – $172.99 (Pre-Order DEC. 2014)
  • Pre-Order – Sailor Jupiter – Pre-Order (Announced Price is 16000¥. Updates to Come)


Information for the dolls can be found on the JP Groove Site/Blog (Site in Japanese) as well as Sailor Moon Official (Site in Japanese). Sailor Jupiter was announced on 12/12/2014 on both the Groove Pullip Blog as well as the Official Sailor Moon website. More details on her release will come in updates as they are received.


So for the Moonie in your life or even the fashion doll collector in your life, these Pullip Dolls are good gifts for that special person this Holiday Season.


Note: For those interested in purchasing Pullip Dolls in the US or a few other international countries and not paying high amounts of shipping, the JPGroove Website has provided a list of locations to purchase Pullip Dolls. Happy Shopping!