Surprise connections – Sailor Moon and Arietty

Greetings Sailor Moon fans! I have some good news to report for fans of PGSM – perhaps fans may remember a scene from the start of Act 9 where a boy looks at a big clear jewel before cutting to a scene with Tuxedo Kamen stealing a big diamond known as the “Joy Queen”- well, he has grown into a Studio Ghibli star! Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays the boy in the opening scene of Act 9, has played numerous roles connected to Studio Ghibli, most recently Sho (known as Shawn in the English version) in the movie Arietty. Ryunosue Kamiki has also had 3 other major roles with Studio Ghibli – in Howl’s Moving Castle, he played Markl (Howl’s apprentice), in Spirited Away he played Boh (a baby who gets turned into a rat), and in a 2006 short called “The Day I Bought A Star” he played the role of Nona.

For anime fans, there are also some connections between Sailor Moon and Arietty. Setsuya Tanabe and Tomoko Fukui are both in-between animators on Arietty – Setsuya was an in-between animator on the Sailor Moon R movie and Tomoko was an in between animator on the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. Kochi Usami is a key animator in Arietty, and was a key animator for the Sailor Moon S movie. As well, Hideki Hamasu is a key animator in Arietty and was a key animator for the Sailor Moon R movie, and the Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Stars seasons. Arietty opened in theaters just this last weekend, so fans should check their local movie listings for showtimes! While we can’t see Sailor Moon on North American television for the time being, fans will definitely want to check out their work in Arietty!




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