Stephanie Beard Leaves the Zone for Hollywood!

Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) made the announcement that she was leaving the Zone to further her career in Hollywood on January the 19th, a day after Corus Entertainment (YTV’s parent company) released the news on their corporate website . Fans from all over expressed their well wishes (and their tears) all over her official forums, her myspace and YTV’s site . During the week of January 22-26th , The Zone aired a special lineup of Sugar’s shows, along with special guests such as author Robert Munsch and the Toronto Zoo to bid farewell to her after spending an astounding six years with YTV!

Some kind user had posted a video of all the segments on her last day on youtube but has since removed the video.

In the meantime though, for all you fans who need your Sugar Fix, we suggest these favorite Sugar moments! Watch them all as many times as you feel the need!

1.) Sailor Moon S and SuperS:

Okay, maybe we’re just a little biased, but how could we not put this in the top spot? One episode a day should give you your daily dose of Sugar! And hey, this series marked Stephanie Beard’s debut in the entertainment industry (after a stint on Toronto’s Kiss92 FM)! We also recommend cuddling up to a Rini plushie if you have one to ease the pain! If you don’t already own or have some way of renting the DVDs, we’re pretty sure given the advent of the internet age, that most if not all episodes are floating around on YouTube.

2.) Live Action Stephanie!

Stephanie Beard has appeared on a few TV shows, such as CBC’s now cancelled “This is Wonderland” as a Store Clerk, and former UPN legal drama “Kevin Hill” as Santa’s Elf, helping him arrange families for pictures (seen here), and her quirky nature put dating couple Kevin Hill (Taye Diggs) and Evelyn Cruz (Lisa Marcos) in a very, very awkward position. We’ve uploaded her big scene for all of you to watch!

Online Videos by

You can also check out her groundbreaking appearance as the first woman ever on the Red Green Show !

Online Videos by

3.) The Next Generation of Care Bears!

Stephanie Beard stars as Wish Bear in both the new computer animated Care Bear flicks, Journey to Joke-a-Lot and Big Wish Movie! We’ve seen both of them and though they are aimed at the younger set, they can probably be enjoyed by all ages. Stephanie also sings in Big Wish Movie, and for anyone who has never heard anything past her attempt at rap or her songs with YTV’s Nuclear Donkey, we think you should give this a watch!

4.) Her other cartoons!

Who could forget about her other cartoon roles? She’s also played Ming on Beyblades, Kara on Di-Gata Defenders, Coco on Pecola, Louisa in The Santa Clause Brothers, and various other roles in Franklin, Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Totally Spies, Cyberchase, and Odd Job Jack.

And if that’s STILL not enough, YTV still has a few treasured Sugar Moments all over their site , however be warned: their media player does not work in some versions of Mozilla Firefox. We found it works best in Internet Explorer 6 and higher.

We wish Stephanie Beard the best of luck with her career in Hollywood and we here at Moon Chase! will be keeping our eyes (and ears!) peeled looking out for you!

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